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What the hell is that?

This, my fireball fling friend, is the Staff of Mallan.

The what?

The Staff of Mallan. After all that kuffuffle about Voldemort's sword...


...Yeah, him. About the Sword of Vivamort, I decided to get into the business. And since the Mallanites are thin on the ground these days, I made a Staff of Mallan I can sell to people.

That is quite likely to be the single most stupid idea I have ever heard. Hang on. People? You have more than one of these?

About two hundred or so. For fifty shillings apiece, should make me a tidy profit.

And you don't think that worshippers of Mallan are likely to come and hit you with conveniently new heavy sticks when they work out they've been duped?

No! Because I can claim they didn't read the small-print.

I'm going to regret this, but Small Print?

Yes. Technically it is being sold as a letter seal. See the relief of his insignia at the bottom? This is actually a letter seal, the kind you embed into wax to ensure letters are untampered with. It's for the people who work for the church.

So, it's...

...for the Staff of Mallan, correct. See? It's even been used to imprint a letter, you can see the wax still on it.

... Wow. And you hope?

The sealing wax scorches their Mallan-stick hate.


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