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Round One, First lines:

  1. I am a mammal, A father, A European, A heterosexual, An artist, A son, An inventor, An Anglo-Saxon,
  2. The night, the street, the lamp, the chemist shop
  3. Day to day, where do you want to be?
  4. She pushes though the bushes, she's the apple of my eye
  5. Kids in their PJs, big bowl of nachos.
  6. Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes
  7. Baby, D'you understand me now? Sometimes I seem a little mad. (X)
  8. You've got a great car, yeah, what's wrong with it today?
  9. Ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe, and it don't matter anyhow. (X)
  10. Oh baby baby, Oh baby baby, wie sollte ich das verstehn (X)
  11. He doesn't care if you're punctual, no reward for the early bird.
  12. Out the door, just in time, head down the 405
  13. I cannot reconcile myself to this, I wish I could.
  14. I'm loyal to my country but I fought my govenment when I heard that they had outlawed rubber cement.
  15. I need a cup of the brown stuff the shade of an acorn.


  • 3 points each for Song, Artist

    Tomorrow, I'll put an MP3 up of the introductions of the same songs, then:

  • 1 point each for Song, Artist.


  • Songs marked (X) are covers. Both original and my artist will be accepted and are worth the same number of points (give both for extra points). This will be notably easier tomorrow.
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