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Dungeons and Dragons

So, we've been doing a D&D4 campaign for a little over a year now, at an event a month, and I'm beginning to lose track of what's happened between sessions, so I'm going to try and remember to do writeups.

The Story So Far:

Hired to defend a caravan as it heads across the land, the character party (Sandwarn, a bard played by me; Cate, an elven wizard played by [ profile] abigailb ; Dave, a dragonblood barbarian played by [ profile] ruthi; Brek, a dwarven warden played by [ profile] pfy; and Stephanie, a halfling thief played by [ profile] fyrheafoc, our DM is [ profile] oscarhocklee) have discovered a mine somewhere in the distance is producing magical metal that induces paranoia and insanity in all who wear it. Whilst travelling to a city of Halflings, they encountered a monster which disguised itself as a vine, sent the contents of the waypoint castle to sleep and then attempted to destroy them all. Having reported this to the city rulers of the halfling place (Tanacord), they discovered that someone was importing the mysterious metal - hereafter referred to as Insanium - and selling it to the city guard. In an attempt to interrupt this deal, they discovered the imported metal was being guarded by the city guard, and killed several of them while trying to secure it. At this point Sandwarn, in a moment of epic stupidity, decided to attempt to explain what was going on to the high council, to try to avoid the two problems - the Sleeping-Beautyesque monster and the Insanium - getting mixed up and the adventurers getting thrown in jail. Having walked into the bear trap, it shut behind him.

In the January session, we started the rescue attempt, sneaking into the castle at shift change with the aid of a large distraction involving an upturned cart of manure and a potion of SneakySneaky+20. For this session, as my character has been captured, I rolled up a new temporary character in the form of Alain, a Monk-class character recruited to guide the party though the area on the provision they rescue his fiancee Liona. They got as far as the cells before they were detected, but ended up in a horrible tactical position against a patrol of Halflings. Alain's first fight went very badly for him, but Cate combined two of her dailies to glorious effect (Everyone in a 3x3 grid believes themselves to be falling, so can't move, but are trapped in a cloud of acid) and the team found Sandwarn's familiar and followed it directly to his jail cell, where he was imprisoned in a suit of armour of the Insanium. Having rescued him, and carrying him along, they went down a few more levels until they found Liona's cell without incident, at which point the balloon was well and truly up, and a small horde of Halfling guards were about to decend on them. Fortunately, there was a window in the cell to a tube though which daylight was clearly coming. They locked the door, and the session ended.

February's session was entirely devoted to the resulting fight. During which:
  • Stephanie took the opportunity of a guard sticking their arm though the bars to slice his hand off.
  • Alain misjudged a Thunder spell and knocked over half the party
  • By dint of using Sandwarn as a shoulder-mounted-healing-canon (at the cost of the player's usual turn) nobody hit zero
  • I finally got to use some of Liona's psyonics to turn the halflings against each other
  • Dave set a number of halflings on fire.
  • Brek scored a critical hit on the back of the cell wall with an improvised hammer and chisel, causing the cell to start to subside down the light-tunnel.
  • Cate and Alain rescued the invalids with a magical disc and the power of elbow grease
  • Stephanie hooked a grapple line so effectively they will have to reengineer the remains of the cell to retrieve the hook
And last week was March, where we wandered around some tunnels for a while looking at stuff, Stephanie eventually finding an interesting tardisesque box behind a disabled trap. This led to exploring some rooms full of junk which turned into three Trash Hulks which took a little while to dispatch. Eventually we made it though the tunnels where golems were being used to generate energy into a room where they were electroplating cell bars with the insanium. Having destroyed that little enterprise without accidentally batheing the party in acid, it was a simple matter of smashing up their weird magical daylight dispenser and coming up though a well and out via the sewers. Well, simple apart from people failing to move silently enough and almost getting caught by an entire castle full of Halflings.

Anyway, the prison break was a success, and I'm back down to one and a half characters in play (Sandwarn and his cat, down from them plus Alain and Liona) but now we're still in a city of halflings where the guards are being corrupted by the Insanium, attempting to restore the higher-ups belief that people who aren't halflings aren't evil, and wondering how far up the corruption of the Insanium goes. Or possibly just running like hell.

When our program continues.